i am essi, a yoga teacher based in indonesia.
my main purpose is to help people find the path of self-love, self-compassion and self-acceptance.
i work with strong movements, body acceptance, non-judgement and gratitude,
while connecting all this to your strongest ally: your breath.

My yoga story

“I want to grow to become someone who will inspire even one person as much as my first teachers inspired me. I want to spread the love and the light i felt in the middle of the coldest winter as a confused 20 year old.”

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About me

I am not a fan of describing myself. As someone on a long personal growth journey, i feel it is impossible to describe myself in any way. So here is a short list of pure facts about me and my life situation.

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Sometimes i like to write about things.

Here you will find a collection of blog posts with pictures, thoughts, recordings of my travels and experiences, everything about how i see and feel the world.

I hope you will find some inspiration on my words and insights.

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If you have joined my yoga class, or if i have inspired you in any other way through any channel, i highly appreciate your feedback and comments.