New rules

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New rules

I made new rules because I tend to be all over the place. One piece in the past, one in the future, a half of a piece maybe here. And my thoughts in every single thing i should be handling. I don’t realize i don’t need to do it all right now. I don’t realize i can really do only one thing at a time. And to do it properly i need to give it my attention. I know i need to pack, i need to do laundry, i need to e-mail my hotel in Delhi, i need to contact the girls coming to the same flight as me, i need to eat lunch, i need to stretch, i need to make a shopping list for Phuket, i need to drink water, i need to dry my yoga mat, i need to walk the dogs. That’s what i know. But what i usually don’t realize is that i’m not going to do it all at one, right now.

So i made new rules that i want to remember. To simplify life and to simplify the doing. So i would not be all over the place. My mind needs to be here, focusing on one thing at the time.

Journal page about slowing down

Do one thing at a time. And this means really one thing. If i am drinking coffee, i am drinking coffee. I want to taste the coffee. When i am walking, i want to make every step as important as the one i arrive with.

Do it slowly. Everything will be accomplished.

Put your mind into the doing. So that i know that what i am doing right now is the most important thing i am doing. So that i know whatever i will do, i will do it well and focused. Even if it is eating lunch.

Do not judge if you don’t know. And even if you do, don’t. “That guy is strange. What’s wrong with him. Why is he like that?” I notice myself thinking sometimes. But the thing is, i will not never know his story. Or her story. It is not my place to judge and critique how someone else is. Because it really, really doesn’t have anything to do with me.

Notice your breath. It’s the link to this moment.

A page in my midori traveler's notebook

Be there when talking to someone. I want to really be talking to them, and listening to them – not glancing over their shoulder or on my phone or waiting for the conversation to be over. Genuine connection. Genuine communication. Give the people your full attention.

It’s OK to feel things. It’s ok to be hurt, to be sensitive, to feel tired, to erase yourself from the situation, to be weak, to be angry, to be anxious. It’s ok to feel them. Be there and feel it. Don’t suffocate them. Let them be. Then let them go.

Drop everything that is pulling you down. It doesn’t matter what it is. People. Situations. Overthinking. PMS. The past. The future. If it doesn’t serve you, drop it. Just drop it. Like a heavy baggage.

Anything concerning other people is really, really none of your business. Why am i letting myself thinking mean things about people, why am i judging them for acting a certain way that does not appeal to me – they are not in this world to act so that would be pleased and happy. Because again, really – it doesn’t have anything to do with me if someone has big fake boobs or if someone acts a certain way. It doesn’t have anything to do with me if someone is too loud or too quiet or doesn’t very much like tofu. Other people are none of my business.

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  • Arty Crone

    We live in a world that is getting fuller every day, so full of people and ready to burst. As I get older I find myself pulling inside myself to hide from the glare and silent criticism of others. You are fortunate indeed to be able to go where there is space and live for a time in non judgemental wild nature. Thank you for sharing your adventure, it means so much to us.

    1. essikaroliina

      Thank you for your beautiful comment. I hope you’ll find your own safe space outside the walls of your house some day <3

  • Helen

    Such a beautiful blog post. This is something I gave a lot of thought to myself over the weekend. I had reached the end of the week exhausted, by trying to meet everyone’s demands as well as those I set myself. Me and my partner took the weekend to act as tourists in our own town. We took photos, sat outside cafes and walked up alleyways we had never even noticed before, as we are always in such a rush. Thank you for the gentle reminder to focus on one thing at a time and enjoy each moment xx

    1. essikaroliina

      That sounds like so much fun! Doing things like this open up the eyes to so much we haven’t seen before. Thank you for sharing!

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