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50 things to add in your travel journal

There is so much beauty in going back to pen and paper from the digital world. You will give a break to your sore eyes, you will get your creativity going and your soul will rest. You will have a thing to leave behind and to go back to, unlike with only using diary applications or writing your thoughts down on the computer. Filled notebooks, especially a travel journal, are satisfying to look at, they are a form of art.ย 

We were sitting inside a freezing minivan in Cambodia a while ago.ย Raindrops were pounding on the windows, making me feel like it was a cold, dark autumn night. I needed to forget the feeling of numbness in my freezing toes, so we wrote down 50 ideas of things to collect inside a travel journal. I’m sharing these 50 things with you here – check out also 50 things to write into your travel journal!

50 things to collect in your travel journal

1. Your boarding pass
2. Tags from your checked baggage

A flight tag from Labuan Bajo, Flores
My baggage tag from the flight to Labuan Bajo, Flores

3. Bus tickets
4. Train tickets
5. Boat tickets
6. Subway tickets
7. Entrance fee tickets to movies, museums and sightseeing

Entrance fee ticket for a waterfall
Entrance fee ticket for a waterfall in Bali

8. Disposable room keys or cabin keys
9. Parking tickets (the ones you get when you buy parking time, not the ones you get from the police for parking wrong – though i might include them also…)
10. Event flyers or brochures

Full moon party flyer
Yes. I went to a full moon party.

11. Business cards from people you meet, restaurants you eat at and hotels you stay at
12. Maps of the country or city you are in
13. Postcards from the place you are staying in
14. Labels from your bottles; beer, soda, wine etc

A label from southern thai speciality, lao khao.
A label from southern thai speciality, lao khao.

15. Coasters from pubs
16. Pressed plants and flowers
17. Coffee stains from your morning coffee

A pressed leaf and a coffee stain in my travel journal
18. Wine stains
19. Piece from a local newspaper
20. Any pieces of paper with local language – for example local lottery tickets

Boat tickets from Lombok Indonesia
Boat tickets from Lombok

21. Candy wrappers from candies you don’t have back home
22. Interesting papers found from the ground, like someones shopping list

Thailand bus tickets found from the street
These are bus tickets used in local buses in Thailand – i picked them up from bus stops where people abandon them after their ride.

23. Cool packaging from for example local coffee
24. Money (small bills from the local currency)
25. Used vintage stamps

I found these used Malaysian stamps from a small paper shop in Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur
I found these used Malaysian stamps from a small paper shop in Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur

26. Fresh, new local stamps
27. Tea wrappers
28. Tea stains
29. Small envelopes from local shops to use as a decoration or a little pocket

A little envelope from Kuala Lumpur Chinatown
A little envelope from a street stall i found from Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur

30. Piece of a cool poster from the street
31. Handwritten notes you find in your bag (or someone elses bag)
32. Shopping lists you made
33. Food wrappers (if you find them clean enough to put in)
34. The flag patches you sometimes see on a traveler’s backpack
35. A drawing or a sketch of anything you see or find interesting: animals, maps, scenery, buildings
36. Promotional stickers you might get from places

A sticker from freedive gili trawangan
If there is a sticker to take, i will take it.

37. Contact information from people you meet
38. Subway maps
39. Price tags
40. Small plastic pockets filled with sand from the beach
41. Small local jewellery – like a handmade bracelet
42. Information sheet from the medicine you have to buy or events you attend to

I got this information letter about the Balinese new year from the door of the house i was staying in.
I got this information letter about the Balinese new year from the door of the house i was staying in.

43. The papery seals from your liquor bottles
44. Feathers
45. A message in an unknown language from a friend or acquaintance
46. Splash of perfume you used while traveling
47. Tax stamp stickers from for example cigarette packages (these can be really pretty for decoration actually – pay attention the next time you see a cigarette package!)
48. Piece of local poetry
49. Lyrics from a local song
50. Receipts from shops, restaurants and cafes

My receipt for indonesian visa
My receipt for indonesian visa

I hope these will give some inspiration for your daily journal, travel journal, scrapbook, photo album or anything crafty you are on to. Stay tuned for 50 ideas to write in your travel journal in a few days!

50 things to add in a travel journal


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